Modular or custom-made kitchen?

Designing a new kitchen is a real challenge. If we face with such a task, first of all we must decide on the type of furniture. When considering the choice of a modular or made-to-measure kitchen, we must consider several issues. There is no clear answer which is better. It all depends on individual needs and the specifics of the interior. Furniture manufacturer – Layman offers kitchen preparation in both variants or the purchase of ready-made kitchen sets, which can be enlarged with additional cabinets, countertops or accessories. 

Do you have an adjustable kitchen? We recommend to consider purchasing modular furniture! They have many advantages … not only that you significantly reduce costs, you will shorten the waiting time, but you will also have a big impact on the appearance of your kitchen. Modular kitchens offer much more room to maneuver than many people think; We set the composition of the set ourselves, designing a layout tailored to our needs and the size of the room. We also decide on the number and width of cabinets, both upper and lower, which allows us to influence the price of the entire investment. 

In addition, modular furniture gives the possibility of adjusting to our style and character by choosing the colors of the fronts, countertops or bodies, as well as a variety of front finishes. The offer of modular kitchens of the Layman Furniture Factory includes many different modules, from typical standing and hanging cabinets, to corner cabinets or columns for built-in household appliances. There are also options related to the choice of colors. Discover all our collections of modular kitchens! 

Rooms do not always have standard dimensionswhich modular kitchens can be adapted to, in such a way, as to maximize the use of the available space. In such situation, the ideal solution are custom-made kitchens, which we can adapt to our expectations and taste, and above all, any interior characterized by unremarkable space. The Design kitchen line allows you to make a block of modular furniture, taking into account the individual needs of the customer. Personalized furniture takes into account the unusual dimensions of the cabinets, emphasizes the advantages and disguises elements that we do not want to show, i.e. briefly, they adapt to the room, taking into account all the needs of investors. Custom-made furniture also offers great design options in terms of appearance, a wide range of colors of fronts, countertops and bodies will allow you to furnish the room according to your preferences. We have prepared a wide offer that will allow you to create the kitchen of your dreams. 

Custom-made kitchen furniture is a proposal for people who are looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind kitchen. Before buying, however, you must realize that there is a longer waiting time for such kitchen, and the costs of such an investment increase significantly. Discover our collections of custom-made modular kitchens! 

What to choose?  

If you are just facing a choice between a modular or a made-to-measure kitchen, the main aspects you should consider are:  

  • dimensions of your kitchen,  
  • Your budget  
  • waiting time.  

You have to remember that “tailor-made” furniture will be a more expensive solution, and the waiting process may be significantly longer, on the other hand, custom-made kitchens involve additional arrangement options and centimeter adjustments. Remember that it is worth taking care of comfort and functionality, after all, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. If you value the ability to decide on every detail in your kitchen – a custom-made kitchen is the perfect choice for you. However, if you care more about fast implementation time, low costs and simplicity of purchase – choose modular kitchens. 

Regardless of which version you choose, remember that in order to increase the functionality of the kitchen, it is worth focusing on accessories that ensure comfort and modern solutions that maximize the ergonomics of work and storage. Every, even the smallest element of your kitchen has an impact on its practicality, so it is worth considering everything – after all, the kitchen should serve you for many years!