Furniture has the greatest impact on the final appearance of a kitchen arrangement, it is this choice that will determine the aesthetics of the entire interior. In striving for the most interesting visual effect, we want to at the same time not lose the practical aspects. As some say – anything that makes a kitchen functional and unique is fashionable in the kitchen, because comfort never goes out of style. Clients of Layman Furniture Factory planning to arrange their kitchens can choose from a wide range of collections, addressed both to supporters of classic trends and modern character.

After all, there are some trends on the market that are driven by both interior designers and investors. Of course, the classic of the classics, i.e. white kitchen, is still popular – most often in combination with wooden accents. A white kitchen may seem ordinary and schematic, but with the right arrangement, you can get a truly unique interior. The most popular are modern white kitchens, although those in the Scandinavian, Provencal or glamor style also have many supporters.

An interesting alternative to a white kitchen are kitchens in neutral colors, such as beige or gray. Such colors will not only allow you to decorate the kitchen in a fashionable way, but also will be universal and will work great for many years, and thanks to the selection of a delicate color palette, the entire interior will take on a cozy atmosphere. A great break and a complement to the whole for a light color will be materials such as wood and stone, the bull’s eye will be the choice of a contrasting, dark top.

The Layman Furniture Factory has prepared many offers of modular kitchen furniture in neutral colors that combine functionality, high quality and an interesting style. A wide range of fronts and countertops – matt, glossy, wood-like or imitating concrete or marble – makes it easy to create your dream kitchen that meets all your expectations.

A contrasting idea for the kitchen is the use of dark colors, which are also very popular at the moment. Black kitchens are an ideal solution for modern interiors, and kitchen arrangements designed in this color are extremely elegant. The uniform dark finish is just like white, a great base for decorations and household appliances. What to combine dark colors with? A combination of wood and stone will work in a fashionable kitchen. The use of the same pattern both on the countertop and on the wall between the cabinets gives the kitchen an interesting look.

More and more often, we choose kitchens in pastel – blue or pink colors. Delicate colors bring a cozy atmosphere and peace, and are also associated with spring and summer. Pastel colors combined with white or gray and wood elements create a harmonious arrangement.

The Layman Furniture Factory also offers kitchens for individualists, the proposals for people who are not afraid of bold arrangements relate to unconventional colors. The company’s assortment includes colors in an unusual choice for kitchens – e.g. red or yellow

There are more and more arrangements that combine a variety of styles, there is no one universal recipe for a beautiful kitchen, and the most important determinant should be our own preferences – after all, it is in the kitchen that we spend a lot of time, so it is worth making sure that we feel good in this room .

The final design of the kitchen consists of many decisions, but the most important is personalization and creation of an interior that has its own character, tailored to the style and personality of users.