• Czarna kuchnia Italia z drewnem

This year, we won the most important award in the Furniture Diamond 2021 industry for the Italia Kitchen from the Design Kitchens collection

Collection Italia / Fabryka Mebli Layman

The Italia kitchen collection has been designed with customers expecting avant-garde solutions that will provide an atmosphere of luxury and comfort of use.

Arranging contemporary interiors focuses on open space, an integral part of which is kitchen furniture, combining the functions of a dining room, kitchen and living room. It does not matter whether it is an apartment in an old tenement house or a modern apartment building, the rule is simple: it is spacious and modern. The dominant trend in the implementation of this type of interior are controversial combinations of different structures such as wood with industrial concrete, aged brick with aluminum and glass, or intense marbles with uniform, flashy colors.

We have designed the Italia kitchen so that it can be combined with original and unexpected design solutions, combining simple lines of fronts with strong color accents.

When designing a kitchen room based on the Italia collection, an interior designer can choose from various front materials.

Forner ultra-matt furniture boards from the Velvet Collection line, characterized by extremely desirable properties in the furniture world, i.e. high scratch resistance and anti-fingerprint technology, eliminating the formation of fingerprints on the surface, have been combined with various structures of laminated boards.

The unquestionable quality of the synchronous laminates of the EGGER concern guarantees the perfect reproduction of both wood-like decors, i.e. veneer and real wood, as well as monolithic decors in the form of concrete, plaster, metal and marble. It should be added that the body plates are also made of EGGER laminates.

The flat, matt surface of acrylic fronts in fashionable colors ranging from gray, through deep black to navy blue and bottle green, attracts the eye, emphasizing the exclusive character of the kitchen furniture. Thanks to the suede layer of matt acrylic, the user experiences a pleasant feeling in direct contact with the front material, which further emphasizes the luxurious nature of the materials used. The whole is complemented by extremely subtle black, aluminum handles that give the whole a sublime character.

A wide range of ready-made modular cabinets with casing panels will provide the architect with design comfort. High upper and pantry cabinets will create a uniform surface of the front, bringing out a simple and extremely elegant character from the built-in furniture, which will perfectly harmonize with the open space of the living room. If we want to create a safe connection between the living room and the kitchen, island cabinets with glass-cases will be the perfect solution. In the Italia collection, the fronts of the display cabinets are made of anthracite glass framed in black anodized aluminum. This solution exposes your favorite tableware and gives the whole a bit of a salon character. Mood lighting of the shop windows will bring an intimate atmosphere to the interior.

In order to provide our customers with the highest comfort of using the kitchen furniture, we have used prestigious BLUM accessories that allow you to smoothly and silently close and open cabinets and drawers. Numerous baskets mounted on the running systems increase the ergonomics of using the kitchen space, and thus bring pleasure to the user.

The proverbial dot over the “i” in the Italia kitchen collection are EGGER PerfectSense Topmatt supermatt countertops finished with a duo color edge, which provide a velvety touch surface and are resistant to intensive use.

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